The Beginnings

Ashmore is Martin Hunter and Sean Power whose music fused together in June 2000. Hunter coming from a techno background contrasts to Powers acoustic folk background. Underpinning the debut album, East, is a combination of Ethnic sounds with techno dance rhythms.

The Record Company

Ashmore was spotted by A&R guru Kevin Holland King head of "Silverword" records.

The Hand

The symbol of a painted hand has been part of prehistoric art found in a number of caves inhabited by early humans. Evidence suggests that the painting of the hands were part of an esoteric ritual presided over by Shamans. During the ceremonies the Shamans would enter into a trance-like state and attempt to touch the spirit world.

The Remixer

The one and only DARREN "Dazzy" FLINDERS has produced excellent hard Trance remixes of OPPENHEIMER, EAST and GOOD AND BAD.  He has remixed for several groups and has numerous releases to his name.

The Sounds

The sound of Ashmore heard on EAST and AURA has been brought to you by : Roland JD800 synth, Roland MC-303 acidbox, Roland 707 drum machine, Roland JP8000 synth, Yamaha DJX keyboard, Yamaha PSS-470 basic synth, Native Instruments FM7, Rebirth II, Cubase (riff generation and premastering), Madtracker sequencer, CoolEdit Pro, Wavelab with OZone (final mastering), SimSynth, various acoustic and electric guitars, Zoom GM-200 Guitar FX, Zoom Studio 1201 vocal FX, Rode NT1 mic, Behringer compressor, Fostex VR800 digital recorder, Fostex VM200 20-track digital mixer... and not forgetting the plethora of tambourines, bongos, congas, various Asian drums and, of course, the "chicken shake" egg.